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Meet the Group!

More Pictures!

We do Surface Spectroscopy, Surface Chemistry and Surface Biochemistry in the
Chemistry Department at the University of California, Irvine under the direction of Prof. Robert M. Corn.

UCI Press release | L.A. Times Story | ACS Paper Link | You Tube Video | Links to More Videos (.avi format)

Check out Mana and Gabe's new paper on Gold Nanocone Arrays on Flexible Polymer Films in ACS Applied and Materials Interfaces:
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 6 in press (2014).

UCI Press release | L.A. Times Story | ACS Paper Link | You Tube Video | Links to More Videos (.avi format)

Check out Aaron and Jennifer's new ACS Nano paper on Single Nanoparticle SPR Imaging Microscopy:
ACS Nano, 8 1022-1030 (2014).

Check out Mana and Gabe's new Nano Letters paper on Broadband Antireflective Plasmonic Gold Nanocone Arrays on Flexible Polymer Films:
Nano Lett., 13 6164-6169 (2013).

Check out Megan's paper in The Journal of the Royal Society Interface on the Entrapment of Bed Bugs
by Nanostructured Bean Leaf Surfaces and Replicas: J. R. Soc. Interface, 10 20130174 (2013).

A link to the New York Times article on our bedbug paper!

Congratulations to Dr. Megan Szyndler on the completion of her Ph. D.!

Check out Aaron's ACS Nano paper on Fabricating Electrodeposited Nanoring Arrays:
ACS Nano, 7 1755-1762 (2013).

Congratulations to Dr. Aaron Halpern on the completion of his Ph. D.!

Check out Yulin's JACS Communication on DNAzyme Footprinting:
J. Am. Chem. Soc., 135 2072-2075 (2013).

Congratulations to Dr. Yulin Chen and Dr. Ting Hu Seefeld (Nico)!

Check out Nico's JACS Communication on the In Vitro Transcription and Translation of Protein Microarrays from DNA Microarrays:
J. Am. Chem. Soc., 134 12358-12361 (2012).

Check out our Analytical Chemistry paper on Making Arrays of Nanofluidic Channels:
Analytical Chem., 84 5053-5058 (2012).

Check out our Langmuir paper on the On-chip Synthesis of RNA microarrays for SPRI:
Langmuir, 28 8281-8285 (2012).

Check out our Analytical Chemistry paper on Nanoparticle-Enhanced SPR Phase Imaging:
Analytical Chem., 84 440-445 (2012).

Check out our JACS paper on RNA transcription on surfaces:
J. Am. Chem. Soc., 133 4271-4273 (2011).

The Three Keys to Ultrasensitive Biosensing:

Our first example:
"Ultrasensitive Microarray Detection of Short RNA Sequences with Enzymatically Modified Nanoparticles and SPR Imaging Measurements,"
Analytical Chem., 83 3897-3902 (2011).

Our nanowire diffraction paper is on the cover of Analytical Chemistry

The 15 July 2009 issue of Analytical Chemistry features artwork from our paper "Characterization of Electrodeposited Gold and Palladium Nanowire Gratings with Optical Diffraction Measurements," which is a collaboration with the research group of Prof. R. M. Penner: Analytical Chemistry, 81 5585-5592 (2009).

Nature Methods Article on SPR Imaging

The May 2009 issue of Nature Methods has an article on SPR imaging that highlights some of our work, including diffraction: Nature Methods, 6 389-393 (2009).

Review Article on Protein Biomarkers

RSC Snapshot of the Article

See our recent article in The Analyst:
"Microarray methods for protein biomarker detection," Analyst, 133 975-983 (2008).

Extreme Biosensing 2008 Conference

In December 2008 we organized a conference on ultrasensitive biosensing and nanobiotechnology -- Extreme Biosensing 2008 on the island of Maui, Hawaii! Some pictures of the conference can be found on our More Group Pictures Page.

Langmuir Feature Article

See our Langmuir Feature Article on SPRI and surface enzyme chemistry: "Creating Advanced Multifunctional Biosensors with Surface Enzymatic Transformations,"Langmuir, 22 5241-5250 (2006).

SPR Imaging PDFs

Two PDFS on SPRI, An Introduction and a short Tutorial are now available.

Research Overview

A quick look at our current research areas and projects.


Looking for one of our papers? Go to the Publications Page to pick up a reprint (pdf format).

Laboratory Procedures

We now have our Laboratory Procedures listed on this website.

Details of our four main research areas can be found on our Research Areas Page and our Research Picture Gallery!

A number of web-based calculations including four phase Fresnel calculations and DNA hybridization thermodynamics can be found on our Calculations Page.

We also have web page for our long term project on DNA Computing at Surfaces.

We hope you enjoy this web site!
Please send any comments to us at: ucispr@gmail.com.

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