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An International Meeting on Nanoscale Biotechnology and Ultrasensitive Biosensing.

December 11-13, 2008 in Makena, Maui.

Nanoscale Biotechnology has emerged as an interdisciplinary field that draws together researchers from the areas of materials science, polymer science, chemistry, biochemistry and bioengineering. There are currently several research areas driving towards the creation and use of biopolymer nanostructures for bioanalysis and non-biological materials research:

Extreme Biosensing 2008 is a forum where a number of scientists from these various areas can get together and discuss some of their latest efforts in an informal format. This conference is a follow-up to the very successful Nanobiotech 2004 conference that was held in Kona, Hawaii, and originates from the 1998 Post-NEDO conference held in Rheingau, Germany. As sister conference "Nanobiotechnology 2010" is also planned for December 2010 in conjunction with the Pacifichem meeting.

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