MATTSON FTIR Instructions


1. Switch on: PEM box, GWC Box, Oscilloscope and Optically isolated interface box (black box at the back of FTIR). Warm up electronics 15-20 mins.


2. Cool down MCT detector with liquid N2 until red indicator light is off.


3. Place sample in holder (should see sine signal on oscilloscope).


4. On computer, open the program "WinFirst". Wake up FTIR by clicking "PM single" tab in the "MACRO" window.  If the machine is not responding, press "ESC" to abort, but should see the indicator light on FTIR flashing much faster.


5. Use "PM single" to obtain single scan measurement, "PM" for multiple scans. When using "PM", need to type in folder name and sample name. The sample name should not exceed 8 characters.


The following scan parameters are automatically loaded in the program.

Parameter for resolution                     4


Blocks                                                 20


Background scans                               10


Sample measurement scans                 50


Start wavenumber                               4000 cm-1


Stop wavenumber                               1 (or 1000) cm-1



6. Wait 10-15 min for the PM scans to finish, then transfer file to Mac. (FETCH will not work when FTIR is scanning)


7. Data is fitted using mid-ir macro procedure. Change file extension from ".tbl" to ".txt", then load as "General text".

a.     Name xwave: wn***, ywave: tr***

b.     Run "Setup" macro

c.     Define xtop, ytop, xbot, ybot in command window

d.     Run cnc('***') macro to fit

e.     Play with above parameters and curvature (dr), and rerun by typing recnc(****) until get best spectrum.